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Quality Uniforms

Quality Uniforms

and Uniform Materials for Schools Students

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To meet Corporate Requirements.

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High Quality Stylish Uniforms

Our sought after product line include School, Corporate, Hospitality, Healthcare and Aviation uniforms.

Saraogi does this and more by supplying high quality readymade uniforms under the brand name ‘Workdayz’ to meet corporate requirements.

The healthcare uniform section was started in 2005 to meet the growth of corporate hospitals in Chennai.

At Saraogi we understand that people in the hospitality industry have a broad range of needs when it comes to uniforms

Our speciality sections to handle each step systematically and effectively in the manufacturing process.

Each of our aviation uniform is tailored to perfection with a rich combination of colours, styles and flexibility of wear.

School uniforms form an integral part of a school’s identity and play an important role in representing the school’s ethos and personality.